Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday Cakes we love

A Birthday cake is the centre of attention at a kids birthday. Here in Singapore, there are plenty of choices for getting children's cake. Here are some favorites :

Smiling Orchid
Nice looking and yummy cakes looking 3D with real toys as decorations. The cakes cost around $50 -$65 per kg. The toys and decorations can be part of the kid's birthday present, like this Bob the Builder Cake. We had been going to Smiling Orchid for the last 3 years for out boy's birthday cake and it never fails to excite the kids in his childcare and preschool every year.This year we got an angry bird cake which makes all the kids in his preschool really excited.

Smiling Orchid 3D Cake with toys Don't eat the bricks though.

Bengawan Solo
They have cakes designs with cute Disney pictures. My boy had their Mickey Mouse in an airplane cake for his 2nd birthday. It looks absolutely beautiful and the chocolate cake is yummy too. Bengawan Solo Disney CakeMickey’s ear is made of chocolate, which makes my boy very happy. At about $37 per kg, it is well the price. A 3kg cake for a class of 50 set us back by about $110.

More places to get Cute Cakes:

Eatzi Gourmet
Cute designs, including some 3D cake designs.  I have not taste this before but heard that it is pretty good.  About $29-$35 per kg

Four Leaves
Nice looking cakes.  Four leaves have always taste fresh and great.  Prices go by sizes.  A 20x 30 cm cost around $74.

Customized and beautifully done up cakes. Price starts from $100 for a fresh cream cake for 10 pax.

Home Made Cup cakes
It’s a nice alternative to the conventional cakes.  Every kid will get the same portion and in a small party, each cake can be customized for each kid. e.g. names, favourite things, colours. You also avoid the messy task of cutting cakes into equal pieces for 50 children. There are many home cupcake shops around. If you are really adventurous, you can also make your own.

Cup Cake Divinity
The cakes looks simply divine. $2.20 and above per cake minimum orders of  25.

Mong's cupcake
Beautiful custom made cup cakes. Her update on 14 Dec 2010 says that she will not be taking orders till further notice though.

Dream Cakes via Vivian
Beautiful customized creations. According to her website, she is fully book for 2010 and 2011 though.

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