Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interesting places to go with kids in Singapore

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There are plenty of places to enjoyed with kids in Singapore. Here are a list of 15 interesting places and why we like them.

1. Science Centre
Lots of things to see and explore, plus a water fun playground that helps teach the concepts of science. With more than 850 exhibits, you and the kids can go to the science center many times and learn something new each time. There is also a nice water play area complete with changing facilities so prepare to spend a whole day there is you want ample time to cover everything. Another place to get some science inspiration and fun is the Kinetic Garden right outside the place.

2. Asian Civilization Museum
There are eleven galleries with ExploreAsian Zones that are specially designed for children. More on Asian Civilization Museum...

3. Singapore Zoo
Our world class zoo features animals in a natural environment. Very educational and fun especially now that there is a Rainforest Kidzworld with a water fun playground, pony rides and contact sessions with animals. Bring your swim suit for this one.

4. Sentosa
Even if you don't go for the rides or under water world, there is still plenty to see. Palawan Beach offers sand and animal and bird encounter sessions. A nature walk starting at the Imbiah lookout is offers interesting stuff to see and explore and the 120-metre-long Gaudi-inspired mosaic fountain walkway behind the Merlion offers a fascinating walk with a young child.

5. Underwater World
With large turtles, moray eels, sea dragons and jelly fishes, sharks, dugong and many other ocean dwellers as well as an interaction pool where you can touch the fishes and star fish, the underwater world is interesting and fascinating. The ticket is packaged with a performance by the pink dolphins which is bound to captivate the little ones.

6. Hortpark
With beautiful landscaping, interesting gardening concepts and at least three concept playgrounds, Hortpark is a popular place to bring the family for an educational and fun-fill time.

7. Castle Beach
This is a place where families can bond and experience the beauty and work involve in making sandcastles. Get their patented 11 part building kit to start making intricate looking structures such as towers, staircases and battlements for the castles.

8. Marina Barrage
Experience the beautiful sea view and see how we separate the sea water with a dam built across the 350-metre wide Marina Channel, our reservoir in the city and control floods from our low lying city areas. More on Marina Barrage...

9. Wallace Education Centre at Dairy Farm Nature Park
This use to be a dairy farm but today it offers a nice education center and short and cool rain-forest trails. Good for getting back in touch with the nature and some exercise. more on Wallace Education Centre...

10. Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
This park is specially designed for children with a tree house and a water play area, ponds and plants that will remind you of kampong days. There are plenty of events there and things for kids to do and explore. more on Jacob Ballas Children's Garden..


  1. thanks for the information! i think my child will like these :)

  2. hope your child will like the places :) (^_^) have fun!

  3. You forgot Jurong Bird Park and the Philatelic Museum.

  4. Thanks Karen :) We have add in those suggestions in our new site at

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