Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kinetic Garden at Science Centre

The Kinetic Gardens outside Science Centre is a great place to spent an hour or two exploring and enjoying the many structures and plants while learning about science outdoors.

There are plenty of educational structures, optical sculptures, mechanism with clear signs describing each of their functions and origin. The best part is, unlike the main exhibits, entrance to the garden is free.
Here are some of the items we really like in this fascinating garden.

 Human Wheel
The kids love this. They can get pretty rough trying to get some space on the wheel so do watch out for the little ones.

This fascinating piece called the” fireball” lets you experience the concept of centrifugal force. Move your body towards the central ring and you will go faster move your body away and you will slow down

Archimedes’ Screw
Named after the Greek inventor Archimedes, this devise direct water up its column when the top handle is turned. DS have lots of fun turning the handle and watching the water being raised.
Water Wheel
See how the water wheel converts the energy of moving water into mechanical energy. A nice description of how the mechanism works with the note that the wheel will turn faster when water falls from a greater height makes a good learning point.


This windmill is really pretty to look at.

Signs about plants in the park
The signs about the plants are in multiple languages and very descriptive. DS got a good laugh when I told him that Frangipani's Chinese name means “egg flower”.


We learned from the signs that a Lithophone is considered to be the most ancient musical instrument. “Lithos” means stone and “Phone” means sound. This lithophone comes with a music score and you can play some familiar tunes using it.

Unlike those we usually see in a gym, this is really a large elastic rubber mat covering a shallow pit. It works extremely well. DS keep running back for second and third “helpings” of bouncing up and down.


  1. Looks like a great place for my 5yr old!

  2. oh yes! my 5 year old love it, we were planning another trip there soon.

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