Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One-north Park

We were first attracted by the Big "Leaves" structures by the road and my little boy will always tell me he wanted to explore the place. I finally give in to his request as I too was curious where the inviting entrance will lead to. As he ran up the foot path towards the water wall feature which reminds me of a water fall, I am glad I let my little one bring me through the urban park.

We ended up in an interesting playground which besides interesting monkey bars and slides include some interactive features that can be fun and interesting for learning about sounds and rhythm.

Parabolic Dish - Stand in the center of the stainless steel dishes and you can create and stop sound waves by waving your hands

The Communal Drums and Telephone Tubes are great if there is a few kids playing.

The colourful sculptures seems too wave bye bye to us as we were leaving the park.


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