Monday, December 20, 2010

Tiong Bahru Park Adventure Playground

Conveniently located right beside Tiong Bahru Plaza, this park is centrally located, with a large enough area to roam about. There are lots of things to see, with a variety of plants and flowers and a pond with aquatic plants, fishes and tortoise. We saw a family of tortoise sun bathing one late morning to the excitement of my little one.
Complete with a large playground with a tilting train, merry go round among other fun stuff. It is one of the few remaining playgrounds that still uses sand and you will see many children bring their tools for building and digging.  

The 3.9-hectare park is centrally located and well equipped a few relaxing hours.

The pond had plenty of aquatic plants and although the water is muddy, you can spot a few kois, catfish and many tortoises in it.

The playground has an interesting tilting train which is lots of fun! There is also a round about, flying fox, maze, swing and a toddler area. It is also one of the few playgrounds around with lots of sand!

Lots of ladders and slides are built around and within the train.

Inside the train. Be careful! This is meant for kids 5 year old and above. Younger kids will need close supervision.

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