Friday, December 31, 2010

Toys can be harmful to your child

Help me open this mama, my 5 year old pleaded handing over a set of shiny toy walkies talkies still in its plastic sealed packaging this morning. I dutifully open it up for him only to be greeted by a chemical smell which is so strong I can smell it a meter away.

Not feeling comfortable about handing it over to my son, I started goggling about how best to identify toys that are problematic and here's what I found :


  1. Be approachable when your child is at play. A child must make his or her own discoveries in order to realize learning. But you can help the child by being there while he or she is playing.

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  2. Kids learn thru playing toys, we can't stop them from playing toy, a kid without toys and fun will not be smart, just be careful when selecting the toys for them.