Thursday, December 16, 2010

West Coast Park Adventure Playground - Great Place for Outdoor Play

It all started with a trip to Mc Donald's at West Coast for brunch.  Our little boy was eyeing a brightly coloured playground as he chomp on his kid's meal as fast as he could and after that we braved the hot sun to check it out.

Turns out this is just one part of a very large adventure playground that really is a combination of  eight playgrounds targeted at different age groups.

The map of the Adventure Playground. Wow it have like almost every kinda play for every age group to keep DS occupied of the whole day! It was really hot and sunny though and I do not really like the idea of following him though such a big area.

Thankfully, he was quite content pretending to be a pirate on the ship in the toddler's playground.

Looking around, there are some interestingly play structures.

Some of the equipment looks interesting but not so obvious on how it should be played.

Hey, the park have signs introducing and describing each play area!  And it is complete with names for each play feature and how the makers intended it to be used.

Overall, West Coast Park and its playgrounds is a wonderful experience. Other than the playgrounds, the park offers a view of the sea, a large area to roam, fly kits and go-karts!

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