Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sol Playground Cafe at Turf City

We have heard a lot about this cafe at turf city, so with 2 hours left to spare before going home and two restless 5 year old who still have plenty of energy to spare after 4 hours of fidgets, we decide to check out this cafe/restaurant with play facilities.

We were there on a weekday afternoon and there are very little people around. The cafe has a nice little indoor play area indoors and an out door eating are and play ground that is sheltered by a large tent.

We wanted to stayed indoor at first as we anticipated that the afternoon sun will be very hot. The kids were however, debating whether to stay at the cozy play area indoors or the inviting yellow playground with slides. Tough decision as the indoor play area were filled with enticing toys, books and a TV with cute wall paper on the ceiling. Eventually, they decide to go to the outdoor playground. 

Our table was already set up but the service people were very nice and help us reset the table outside so that we can keep an eye on the two hyper active boys. It turns out to be quite breezy that day and it was really relaxing having our waffle and cake outdoors while sipping tea. The kids love it there too, besides the main play structure, there is also a cute little house, a few rocking toys to add to their fun.

Overall, a great place to spent a few hours letting the kids play while the adults get to chat, get some reading done or just enjoy watching the kids play. The cakes and waffle were yummy too. Looking forward to check it out again to try more things from its enticing menu.


  1. I heard about Turf City, but unfortunately don't have time to visit their with my kids. Looking forward to bring my kids in the place sometimes.

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